Your wedding day will be a wonderful experience, and you will treasure its memories forever. No matter how good the still photographs are, nothing is guaranteed to capture those memories better than a well-crafted video. You will have spent months and months carefully planning your special day down to the very last detail. Once your day has passed, there will be no second chance to record the day, which is why it is vital to make an informed choice of videographer.

We at O’Donovan Productions have been providing a professional, unobtrusive wedding DVD service for couples in Munster and further a field for over 10 years. We pride ourselves on our very discreet and personal service.  And furthermore, in this time of recession, we offer very reasonable prices and value for money.

We have invested in the most modern and up-to-date camera equipment. Our cameras have far-reaching lenses, which enable us to be quite a distance away from the action while still capturing those close-up scenes unobtrusively. You can be certain that, to put it bluntly, there will be no camera ‘in anyone’s face’. Our cameras also record on high definition with the option of blu-ray.

 We use radio microphone sound systems that connect to the church and hotel frequencies so that the ceremony, vows and speeches are recorded with the utmost clarity. This ensures that each and every word is crystal clear on your DVD.

We employ award-winning editing software for postproduction, and all our DVDs come with scene selections, start and end credits and personalised cover graphics.

Our style of filming is ‘fly on the wall’. We capture the day exactly as it unfolds. We do not ask you to pose and we do not ‘stage’ anything. Therefore, the footage is real and a true reflection of your wedding day.

Using our personal and professional skills, we will discreetly capture the atmosphere of your day and provide you with a live, vibrant and emotional record of your wedding. You will relive the joy of your special occasion through your DVD for many, many years to come.

Bride & Groom’s Homes:

Our filming (if desired) begins at the bride’s and/or groom’s homes, where we capture the excitement and anticipation of the day ahead. We film the final touches and preparations, the cars being donned with ribbon, the champagne toasting and the happy atmosphere between the bridesmaids, flower girls and families as they excitedly get ready for the big day. We film the wedding dress, bouquet, jewellery and shoes all waiting to be worn. When editing these scenes, appropriate background music is used but you can still hear the laughter and the happy chatter.


Our filming at the ceremony begins at least 30 minutes beforehand. We capture the arrival of the groom, best man, groomsmen and all your guests. The ‘arrivals’ scenes are then complete when the bride and bridesmaids arrive.


We film the entire ceremony in full, from start to finish. You will, no doubt, have gone to great lengths to choose the right singer(s), songs and music. We can assure you that our radio microphone sound system will record your music perfectly.

The only part of the ceremony (if it’s a Catholic one) we don’t film is the consecration. We do, of course, capture the signing of the register. The ‘ceremony’ scenes end when you walk down the aisle as husband and wife.


We then record the ‘congratulations’ scene, where your guests offer you their congratulations. Again, the use of the radio microphone and low background music ensure that each and every good wish you receive is both captured and perfectly audible.

Photo session & Hotel Scenes:

Next we film you leaving the ceremony grounds to go to a location with your photographer or to the ceremony venue.  We record the photo shoot, and this is where we get some lovely footage of you both, as well as with your bridal party and family. When your photo shoot has ended, we do some unobtrusive filming around the hotel to record your guests chatting and laughing. The filming of scenes in this segment is entirely dependent upon your approval and wishes. It is your day and your DVD, and whatever you want or don’t want will be totally respected by us – we will follow your wishes completely.


We film from your announced entrance through to all the speeches, the toasting and the cutting of the cake. Our connection to the venue’s PA and frequency system ensures that the sound is recorded clearly and crisply.


We film the dancing from an elevated position above the dance floor. We do not need to be close to the action as the camera lens captures both close ups and wide angle shots from the same discreet position. We do not use spotlights or bright lights here. We do not get down on the dance floor and mingle with you and your guests while filming. We do not do any of these things because we do not in any way wish to intrude or cause you or your guests to feel uncomfortable. Time and time again we’ve seen guests not getting up to dance until the videographer leaves because his bright lights or his presence close to them on the floor while filming has intimidated them. This is unacceptable to us and something we would never contemplate doing.

Highlights Presentation on the night :

        This amazing new feature is guaranteed to impress your guests when they see the key moments of the day (so far) projected onto a big screen, accompanied by a song of your choice. We show this presentation to you and your guests between the speeches and the dancing.


Highlights on your DVD:

We also have a ‘highlights’ feature on your completed DVD. This features all the key moments of the entire day accompanied by a song of your choice. This is most couples’ favourite part of the DVD. It also enables us to be artistic and creative and use such tools as slow-motion and/or black & white scenes. As always, your preferences here are of paramount importance to us.

Slideshow on your DVD:

Our slideshow feature is also very popular. This is where we go through all the footage of the day and select our own ‘photographs’, or freeze frames. These ‘photographs’ turn like pages of a photo album on your screen. An instrumental piece of music playing in the background can be very effective here. In the past we’ve frequently been asked if we can print these pictures, as they are unique and special and not what the photographer has. However, these shots are just images taken from our footage and are of TV quality rather than photographic quality. If you wish, we can add your own family photographs to this section. Alternatively, you may wish to start your DVD with pictures of the two of you growing up. Again, these decisions are entirely up to you.

Two-Camera Shoot:

We also offer you the choice of a two-camera shoot. You have two choices here. You can have a fixed remote camera positioned at the back of the ceremony or reception room for speeches OR a second videographer can be employed for your day. A two-camera shoot can be very effective when editing because of the different angles it enables.

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Our Motto

We at O’Donovan Productions pride ourselves on the excellent reputation we have built up over the last 15 yrs as Munster’s premier Video Production Company. We are continually praised for our high quality service, our unobtrusiveness, our professionalism and our very competitive prices.